XAP designs and manufactures innovative products and electronic systems for motor racing.

Motor racing has driven us to being extremely exacting and responsive. Our range of products comprises electronic battery cut-off switches, dashboards, instrumented steering wheels, data acquisition systems, electric looms and electromagnetic actuators.

Many famous racing cars are equipped with XAP systems, including Formula Renault 2010, FR 3.5 2012, GP2, GP3, C2R2, TC12, Megane Trophy and Norma M20FC.

Our products are designed, manufactured and optimised in order to be resistant to the extreme stresses encountered in motor racing.

Our engineering department works on the constant innovation of new products. They design electronic systems and embedded mechanics, including advanced hardware and software.

We are based in Nimes, in the South of France, and located near the famous Lédenon racetrack and close to “Alès Pôle Mécanique”, the renowned mechanics hub.