Headjack Link — Oculus Iphone app Content plus the Oculus Application Lab

A mobile phone virtual reality (VR) application that helps users control and control their VR headsets of Oculus, a subsidiary of Facebook . com. The app presents a variety of features including unit setup and management, a library for the purpose of VR programs and video games, and social features that allow you to connect with additional VR users. It is also utilized to view and download cost-free VR content, or purchase paid VR https://renderingwithstyle.com/ software and games through the Ouverture Store.

The app likewise lets users teleport to and explore virtual land and items on Second Life, OpenSim and other via the internet virtual planets using supported viewers just like Firestorm. It is compatible with both mobile and desktop-based VR headsets, and supports numerous types of VR controllers and software. It uses a free and open source software client and is available on Microsoft windows, Mac OPERATING-SYSTEM X, Apache, and Android.

Oculus App Laboratory an Introduction

In February 2020, the social network giant announced that it would embark on offering a substitute for its acknowledged app storefront called Oculus App Laboratory. The brand new space was meant to focus on apps that may not be prepared for prime time in the official Ouverture Store but nonetheless need to get before a wider audience. It is a great means for developers to check and improve their applications in a secure environment while not having to worry about becoming rejected as a result of strict curation by Ouverture officials. Our own Headjack Website link is a good sort of an software that fits the criteria of Application Lab and was just lately released now there.