The XAP component service is performed exclusively by qualified personnel and internally at XAP.
This guarantees the highest level of service quality and maximizes the life of your XAP products.

Please send your Products to the following address:

298, rue des Entrepreneurs,
30420 Calvisson

Important :

To ensure the rapid implementation of the service, it is necessary to complete the service request document and attach it to your shipment.

You can also send it to us by e-mail at As soon as we receive the parts we will inform you.

Repair procedure:

After receiving the parts to be maintained, we carry out an initial diagnosis of the elements received.
A maintenance offer, based on these results, details the actions and parts necessary for the repair.
After receipt and payment of the quotation, maintenance work will be carried out by our engineers and technicians.

To conclude the service, the component is subjected to a thorough functional test.

The processing time for XAP services is approx. 8 – 10 working days from the date of payment.


For the safety of your units we will now only ship them in their original XAP packaging!
Therefore, please ensure that you ship a unit for the service in its original packaging, otherwise we must charge additional packaging.