Xap is a motor sport electronic specialist
It manufactures its products with a technical expertise
Xap makes looms, engine management and power distributions
Xap offer the highest level of quality
Xap produces technology for winning race
Xap makes looms, engine management and power distributions
xap produces data logger, dash display and paddle shift
It also makes connectors and wirings
Xap produces electronic device
Xap makes light products
You can regulate water with xap products
The xap product provide a full diagnostic to the team during the race
xap can make complex electronic installation
xap produces eletronic equipments
xap offers test day support and race day support on the track for drivers
XAP designs and manufactures a world-leading product line based on a variety of applications.  Hardened variants are available.
Xap produces cylinders injectors connector cam control and knock control.
our E-shift to be a modern high performance engine management system which incorporates a fully featured paddle shift controller all in the one lightweight unit.
Xap offers a product for traction control.
S-40 is a powerful and cost effective ECU for modern four cylinder and two rotor applications. Using advanced  technology, it controls the latest automotive innovations such as continuously variable camshaft timing and drive by wire throttle
Xap products  are fully programmable and has been designed with high performance road cars and racing vehicles in mind.
Xap offers maximum sophistication to control the latest automotive advances, such as continuously variable camshaft timing and drive by wire throttle, while maintaining the flexibility to suit a range of users.
Xap designs and manufactures a range of world leading displays.
Xap screen’s  have exceptional brightness and clarity for easy viewing in strong sunlight.
Our screens have an ideal size for steering wheel
Xap provides intuitive and powerful software allows you to fully customise your onscreen graphics.
With dash you can maximise the potential of your high resolution display by generating layouts specifically for your application.
Xap produces battery voltage
The Nt-Dash has been designed with powerful functionality and an impressive, high resolution, full colour screen.
When the Nt-dash is used without any upgrades, it can be used as a device that can take messages from one bus and pass it onto another. This is very useful where a vehicle has information that needs sharing, but the two CAN busses are incompatible, such as different bus speeds.
xap makes industrial applications
Thank’s to Xap products the data it generates can be used to gain a better understanding of the forces experienced in high impact collisions, and may assist with the medical assessment of drivers.
With Xap products it possible to analyse the effectiveness of vehicle and track safety systems
X-Dash is used to perform calculations and to organise and chart data in order to identify trends, problems and improvements.
For Xap the result is valuable knowledge about the performance and reliability of the engine and chassis, which can help to improve tuning and set up, refine driver technique and determine pit stop strategies.
The willigness of Xap is that information needs to be presented clearly and intuitively so that important changes, critical values and track position can be identified easily and decisions made quickly
The Xap telemetry system that allows the setup of a centralised hub for receiving, processing and transmitting a large number of independent telemetry streams.
Xap is developing new software which enables  to send messages to any car’s dash via the telemetry system, communicating warnings and alerts for the driver.
Xap makes products with different outputs, or inputs
Xap prodicts are designed to replace conventional relays, fuses and circuit breakers, simplifying wiring and reducing weight while increasing reliability.
Xap makes Can Keypad
Xap offers a number of different expansion modules to suit most applications. Some devices are simply for sensor input expansion, some for output expansion and some for both.
Xap makes Compact input expander with high resolution and fast inputs
For the engine management and data acquisition systems, every application is different. At Xap we realise that the supporting components of an installation can be just as important as the ECU or data logger itself.
Xap is an expert in race technology
Xap makes fuel sensors
Xap makes ancilliery cables.
Xap is a specialist in lap timers.
Xap make Display with high contrast
Performance is the key of succes of Xap products.
Xap products can regulate water.
Xap makes Display with a perfect brightness
Xap make pruducts with technical specification.
Xap makes motorcycle dash datta logger.
Xap makes kart racing steering wheels.
Xap makes products with water sensors.
The innovative  NT-Dash Display, managing data coming from your additional modules (i.e. ABS, traction control, infrared temperature sensors and more. This feature meets the requirements of a growing number of race drivers as the use of additional modules is becoming quite common in a number of race series.
The SX-dash display and its visual quality is always optimal, as its ambient light sensor keeps the backlight at the best brightness levels.
With Xap products performance and data acquired can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules.
For  Xap measuring acceleration forces and gyro rates can assist in determining how to improve your vehicle performances.
NT-dash display automatically understands the characteristics of the track and gives the lap time anyway.
Xap makes products with compact aluminium body.
Xap GPS technology represents a true revolution in racing data acquisition.
With Xap products all the information needed for engine tuning as well as for improving your driving technique are visible.
Xap manufactures dashboards with a predictive time.
X-Dash includes Data Analysis Softwar.
Data logger NT provides all the data needed by professional race drivers to monitor the performance of the bike and their riding configuration and usage smooth and easy either for any level of driver.performance.
Performance and data acquired by Xap logger can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules.
The Xap data logger will locate its position, identify track-line coordinates and start immediately sampling lap and split time.
Xap makes products with low Power consumption:
The Xap feature’s in these products meets the requirements of a growing number of race drivers as the use of additional modules is becoming quite common in a number of race series.
With the Dash NT you can send messages directly in order to improve the vehicle control possibilities.
Xap makes thermocouples to keep carburation under control, Two thermoresistors to measure the engine’s working temperature and one thermoresistor to monitor the key parameters of your engine.
With Xap data logger you have a precise evaluation of kart and driver behaviour, an absolute necessity to improve engine and driver performance.
Xap produces control units, Display, DAS, Power control and fuel control.
Xap produces the best wiring harnesses.
Xap engine Control Units racing and chassis control units are destinated for multicylinder engines.
Xap series displays represent the latest evolution of compact racing displays. With their newly designed architecture they provide fast boot and quick response features.
Xap display is compact and lightweight dashboard display unit.
Xap Displays brings very good price/performance ratio with state-of -the-art engineering solution proven in the toughest motorsport areas.
Power management units offered by Xap can be used in stand alone mode or can be easilly integrated in various control systems. Apart of the programmable switch box fuctionality they can transmit the actual status flag and current value via CAN to the control unit and data logger.
Integrated solutions of the Xap power control system’s usually integrate the power distribution unit with the control features used by the crew in order to save costs and weight by reducing the wiring intersections and harness length between the power distribution unit and the crew command features
Xap fuel delivery components belong to the traditional state of the art motorsport components supplied by Xap. With their price/performance ratio and excellent reilability they represent the best solution on the market proven in almost all motorsport categories including the highest level world championships.
xap injectors are the standard production components sorted and tested to reach requirements of racing applications. For their small dimensions, fast pulse response, high precision, high dynamic flow range and optimum fuel atomisation they are very popular in among the motorsport engine builders.
Xap manufactures cost effective constant fuel pressure regulating devices with coaxial mounting featuring fast response and very good precision. It can be mounted on the fuel rail or on the fuel tank exit
Xap produces the best electronic solutions
Xap makes ultra-powerful processor
Xap makes high-performance processors.
Thanks to a large volume of production, xap is able to offer you a very competitive price
Xap manufactures innovative dashboards and state-of-the-art technology that integrates all the functions of a race vehicle.
With Xap Display several inclinations are possible to better position the central management and reach it easily depending on your driving position.