XAP designs and manufactures innovative electronic products and systems for motor racing.

Motorsport has led us to be very demanding and reactive. Our product range is composed of electronic battery cutters, dashboards, instrumented steering wheels, data acquisition systems, electrical harnesses and electromagnetic actuators.

Famous competition cars are equipped with XAP systems: Formula Renault 2010, FR 3.5 2012, GP2, GP3, C2R2, TC12, Megane Trophy, Norma M20FC…

The products we design are manufactured and optimized to withstand the extreme conditions of motorsport.

Our engineering department works on the permanent innovation of new products. It designs on-board electronic and mechanical systems, including advanced hardware and software.

Based in Nîmes, in the south of France, XAP is located near the famous Lédenon circuit and the Pôle Mécanique d’Alès.


XAP’s proven technology and know-how in many fields has enabled it to respond to the needs of promoters in a very short time. XAP is particularly present in one-design championships.

XAP was created in 1996. Renault Sport has accompanied XAP’s technical developments and has progressively entrusted it with large-scale projects.

Since then, XAP has designed and produced more than 300 different products. They are installed and operated by various manufacturers of competition cars.

Performance, safety and innovation are at the heart of XAP’s new projects.

XAP in a few dates:

  • 1996 and 2005: development is based on the electronic protection of electrical distribution, dashboards, steering wheels and electrical harnesses.
  • 2005 : Opening on the field of electromagnetic studies. Proposing a semi-automatic sequential gearbox control system based on a double-action solenoid electric actuator. Developed for the Formula Renault 2010, it is a complement to the steering wheels (paddles) and dashboard products.
    In 2015: XAP designs autonomous air conditioning systems. This device brings to the pilots, a real comfort which takes part in the performance in race. XAP is involved in the fight against the loss of vigilance, especially in endurance.
  • 2016: XAP invested the field of the design of termo-plastic composite products. It develops the FORMULA E steering wheel.
  • 2017: XAP develops its new generation of production. The products are progressively unified around a common software and hardware core, without conceding the slightest loss of functionality and performance. On the contrary, the new products are enriched with multiple means of communication, federates information for the pilot, stores it and allows its analysis. Allowing a great interaction between the man and his machine. It is on the basis of this work that the new Formula 2 steering wheel has been designed. This promising championship of beautiful sporting duels needed a proven technology and a team of professionals reactive in direct contact.
  • In 2018: XAP integrates unified communication functions, real-time data processing, touch screen technologies….
    The new dashboards are fully configurable. They use the CAN protocol, thus adapting to most machines. The 20 MHZ GPS facilitates time-stamping of data in universal time, provides essential acceleration data both useful for driver safety and for data analysis and predictive performance. The mechanic can monitor the parameters of his vehicle on the W10 tablet during the heating process, he can also send alarms to the driver (connected bracelet).
    Thus, the whole world of connected objects can be put at the service of the driver in terms of performance and safety.
    The E-RACE data analysis software has benefited from extensive studies. E Race V3 offers multiple data analysis functions, geolocation on a map of the vehicle, synchronization of images from internal or external cameras, and display on the dashboard.XAP has not limited its developments to its historical part with a new GT wheel produced for Signatech in the context of the Alpine Cup project and GT4XAP has strengthened its pole of study and realization of beam in addition to all its electronic products. Thus the new and very powerful NORMA M30 have harnesses studied and produced at XAP

In a few years, XAP has developed a real know-how in the study, the design, the production and the follow-up of communication and vehicle control systems. The company is currently finalizing a unified operating software. The parameterization of the whole electronic functioning of the car will be able to be controlled by a single software.