DASH kit NTX/NT5/NT7 + looms

Don’t waste any more time, just choose the one that’s right for you. We have decided to present you packages including the dashboards with the harnesses. All our DASH models are [...]

XAP for professionals and individuals

XAP has been a manufacturer and developer of electronic systems for over 20 years. We have seen the evolution of the world of motor racing, its cars, circuits, experiences, rules and regulations. [...]

ESHIFT 3R in Projekt E – Rallycross

Here is our ESHIFT 3R in full focus on the rallycross car Projekt E. A collaboration between IMG and STARD gave life to this car destined to compete in the World Championship Rallycross of 2020. [...]

Services and maintenance

SEE OUR SERVICES: CLICK HERE XAP is renowned for its products in motor racing and motorsport, water sports, motorcycles, etc…. XAP is also and above all a service and maintenance provider [...]

Innovative research department

XAP is a manufacturer and seller of high-tech and motor racing products. However, XAP is also a team, engineers, specialists, designers, a team, which knows how to solve and meet everyone’s [...]

Dash Editor upgrade

XAP Technology would like to keep you informed of its technical, technological and digital advances. This is why I wanted to present here the improvements we have made to our embedded software in [...]

Embedded electronics and software

Within its own electronics and software department, XAP has access to all the necessary expertise for the design of embedded electronic equipment and its testing in hostile environments. Our [...]

Linear electromagnetic actuators

XAP has developed an expertise in the design and manufacturing of linear electric actuators with integrated command electronics. This innovative technology of actuators with flat magnets is a [...]

Driver interface

Our range of driver interfaces comprises instrumented steering wheels, colour digital dashboards, and switch panels. We are able to adapt the mechanics, electronics or software of our products in [...]

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