RTCX 120 Gestionnaire de puissance XAP

RTCX 120 Gestionnaire de puissance XAP

XAP Technology introduces the new generation of Remote Transistor Control, as we more commonly call it, the RTC range.

In this case, we are pleased to offer you today our brand new product, the RTCX 120 Powerbox Manager from XAP.

The RTXC 120 Powerbox, Protection and Control Manager is a flagship product in our power distribution and power management range.

Based on our experience with the RTCM-230, our former powerbox manager, we have adapted it to entry-level applications that do not require the use of all outputs.

Thus the RTCX 120 is more affordable while remaining an exceptional and high quality power manager.

Your performance, configuration, security, order management, etc. have been developed, worked on and improved to provide a better experience for the RTCX 120 user.

Its combined aesthetic of red and anthracite tones directly refers to XAP.

This electrical distribution product has been developed by our engineers and specialists to meet the needs of motor racing drivers, who drive single-seater or rally cars, but can also be used in other sectors of activity (water sports, motorcycles, etc.).

The RTCX 120 Powerbox Manager has been subjected to rigorous and thorough quality control to ensure its reliability.

To know the technical details of our RTCX 120, simply go to the online shop by going to the product sheet:


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