Configuration software for dashboards and steering wheels.

These softwares allows the configuration of our range of colour dashboards, including the steering wheels.

SX-Conf: for SX-Dash and carbon steering wheels configuration.

X-Conf: for X-Dash configuration.

Dash_editor: for new NT_Dash 5.0″ and 7.0″ configuration.

Each screen of the dashboard has a fixed background and dynamic graphic objects : circular or rectangular bargraphs, digital values, buttons and stripes, arranged and set-up with SX-Conf, X-Conf et Dash_Editor software.

Fixed background can be created with any design software and then imported onto XAP dashboards for visualisation. Your customised screen background is therefore unique.

Our software also allows you to set up the numerous RPM and alert LEDs, the messages intended for the drivers, and the CAN protocols.

6 font sizes are available. They enable the most complete configurations.

SX_Conf, X_Conf et Dash_Editor software are available at no cost to every user of XAP displays.


A USB connection is enough to modify quickly the configuration of the dashboards.

These programs are made to be user friendly :

  • Easy to use interface, the scren appears like it will be displayed on the dashboard.
  • 6 font sizes available with SX_Conf and X_Conf.
  • 6 fonts and 9 sizes of characters available with Dash_Editor.
  • Configuration of the CAN protocol and data types
  • Up to 8 pages with SX_Conf et X_Conf.
  • Unlimited number of pages with Dash_Editor.
  • USB connection