XAP has developed an expertise in the design and manufacturing of linear electric actuators with integrated command electronics.

This innovative technology of actuators with flat magnets is a high performing alternative to both traditional electromagnets with plunging core and to voice coils.

The advantages of flat permanent magnet actuators :

  • Bi-directional thrust by current inversion in excitation coils
  • Higher output compared to rival solutions
  • Position control by sensors without integrated contact
  • Thrust control by RCO
  • Wide temperature range: -20/+130°C
  • Removal of springs by magnetic return

The integrated control unit, monitored by a new generation microprocessor, allows for control and diagnosis by the actuator through wire or multiplexed connection.

This technique is protected by European patent EP13178559.4

Our research department is able to adapt our technology to your needs rapidly and from your bill of specifications.

Our services go from drawing up your specifications right the way through to providing prototypes and production parts.

Our technology

  • Linear actuators with flat permanent magnets
  • Integrated driving unit
  • +- 5 mm à +- 25 mm of stroke
  • 100 to 4000 N thrust
  • Customisable magnetic return
  • Very low response time (<20 mS)
  • Position sensor without integrated contact
  • Integrated current and temperature measuring
  • Autosport circular or low cost connector


  • Gearbox and clutch actuators
  • Variable geometry and Wastegate Turbo control
  • Blipper for butterfly control
  • Aerodynamic Flap control
  • Electronically controlled shock-absorbers

Our resources

  • Flux 2D/3D   magnetostatic and transient simulation
  • Flux 2D/3D electrostatic simulation
  • Schematic design, routing, simulation: Mentor Graphics PADS
  • CAD Catia V5 software
  • Vibrations bench test, vertical system LDS V640 PA1000

Our references

  • Formula Renault 2.0 2100  (Tatuus/Renault Sport) : Gearbox actuator with plunging core
  • CLIO 4 CUP 2013 (Renault Sport) : Gearbox actuator with flat magnets
  • RS01 2015 (Dallara/ Renault Sport) : Gearbox actuator with flat magnets
  • Supercopa 2015 (Seat Sport) : Gearbox actuator with flat magnets


GEARBOX ACTUATOR ORDERS —> https://store.xap.fr/prestashop/index.php?id_category=17&controller=category&id_lang=2