XAP is the world leader in electromagnetic actuators for sequential gearboxes.

Our technology is the only one proven to rival pneumatic and hydraulic solutions.
XAP’s electromagnetic actuators are reliable, consistent and do not need maintenance.
It is a monobloc solution unlike hydraulic and pneumatic solutions which need numerous elements: a pump, an accumulator, electro valves, filters, radiator hoses…
The thrust, which is limited to 900 N, protects the gearbox in ‘dog to dog’ situations.
The electrical consumption of XAP actuators is low.  It is equivalent to a 10 W lamp for a gear change of 40 ms every two second.
Our electromagnetic actuators technology, made from permanent magnets, equips over 300 competition vehicles including the latest RS01 from Renault Sport.

Technical specifications

  • Permanent magnets technology
  • Typical 40ms shifting time
  • +/- 18 mm stroke
  • 900 N maximal force
  • Diagnostic information sent over CAN
  • Optional contactless position sensor
  • Ball joint or rigid mounting
  • Isolated Power and CAN
  • Weight : 5 Kg
  • Dimensions : 170 x 100 x 60 mm
  • Temperature range: from  –10°C to + 100°C
  • IP68 Protection


  • 12V and GCU ground, commands, CAN line on 8STA 6 10-35 PN connector
  • 12V power supply, 100 A max, on 5 mm diameter terminal
  • Power ground on body or 5mm diameter terminal


  • CAN 1 Mbit (Rev 2.0B) : 1
  • Low-side commands : UP, DOWN, LOW_POWER et HIGH_POWER

Standard references

  • E_Shift2_LV: Electromagnetic actuator.
  • RO Option: ball joint mounting
  • SP option: Contactless position sensor.

The E_Shift2_LV actuator can be adapted to your needs.  Do not hesitate to contact us for all specific requests.


GEARBOX ACTUATOR DOC & SOFT —> https://xcloud.xap.fr/common?path=%2F04-GEARBOX ACTUATOR
GEARBOX ACTUATOR ORDERS —> https://store.xap.fr/prestashop/index.php?id_category=17&controller=category&id_lang=2