Our range of DTA calculators is comprehensive. It optimises the management of racing engines of 1 to 12 cylinders and offers a large number of ignition configurations, of injections and of camshaft configurations.

They are easy to map and offer excellent value for money.

They are designed to adapt to most engines and usually reuse the totality of the original sensors.

These calculators are widely used around the world and have received many prizes in car, motorbike and jet-ski competitions.

The DTA Pro Series range includes :
S40 Pro: economical for 4 cylinder engines
S60 Pro: for 4 and 6 cylinder engines
S80 Pro: for 6 and 8 cylinder engines
S100 Pro: for 10 and 12 cylinder engines

A comparison table of the various calculators is accessible on our site in the download section.

All the technical information is available on the next page; DTA, technical data.

Characteristics of engines managed by DTA calculators

  • Up to 20,000 rpm
  • Many crankshaft targets and different AAC
  • ACC continued or ON/OFF
  • 2 or 4 stroke
  • Twin injection
  • Simultaneous injection, phased or sequential
  • Twin-spark ignition
  • Ignition coil: transistorised or not
  • Distributor ignition, wasted sparks et individual sparks
  • Unequal ignition and injection (Harley Davidson).

Main characteristics of the mappings

  • Two maps for injection, ignition and for Turbo pressure, selectable with a switch
  • Ignition strategy that depends on the water temperature and on the crankshaft rotation
  • Compensation depending on the air and water temperature, and the air pressure
  • Throttle transient increase compensation.
  • RPM and load breakpoints can be calibrated by the user.
  • Measure of the charge on the throttle or the pressure collector
  • Possible closed loop Lambda regulation
  • Automatic injection setting on a Lambda target
  • Control of the turbo pressure by RCO valve with open or closed loop
  • Turbo pressure target variable with each gear and of the vehicle speed
  • Control of the deceleration by RCO valve with open or closed loop
  • Idle RPM target variable with engine temperature
  • Management of the ALS (BANG BANG).
  • Management of the continuous variable camshaft by RCO valve with open or closed loop
  • Mapping of the continuous variable camshaft depending on the charge and the engine revs
  • Management of the VTEC depending on the engine revs
  • Configurable inputs/outputs for personalised strategy
  • Very flexible launch control with or without wheel speed sensor
  • 4 wheel traction control system
  • High performance shift-cut variable for each gear with full switch de-bounce capability, closed loop, ignition ramp-in management.
  • Paddle shift gear box management.


The DTA calculators are equipped with a CAN for communication with a PC and with the vehicle equipment.  A serial RS232 connection is available for communication with a PC only.

Data logging

  • Over 30 different channels can be recorded
  • Three user selectable logging frequencies
  • Unlimited time histogram of the use of the sensors values and engine revs

Diagnostic and troubleshooting

  • Real time diagnostic and stealth faults on all sensors.
  • Possibility of activating all outputs to check for proper functioning of the actuators

Standard and made-to-measure looms

We are able to offer standard engine looms to be completed or fully finished looms.

Contact us for a tailored quote.



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