We have designed a range of steering wheels which are perfectly adapted to rally demanding.

Our objective has been to put together the maximum number of controls on the steering wheels.
Thus, the many luminous push buttons on the front plate are all easily accessible and equipped with configurable memory effects for fast use in all conditions.
Similarly, for the pit stops, two central push buttons control the shutdown and allow the operating of the engine and of the starter.
Finally, contactless rotary switches allow to set the engine strategies and to modify the brightness of the LEDS and of the screen to adapt perfectly to the driving conditions.


Our endurance steering wheels are designed to be completely adaptable to your needs.  A large number of options are therefore available. :

  • Choice of the number of paddles:  0 to 5 paddles (UP/DOWN, CLUTCH, DRS, ….). These use a technology of contactless Hall effect sensors which guarantees reliability and longevity.
  • Choice of the number of push buttons: 4 to 10 buttons on the front face, with or without protection.
  • Choice of the number of rotary switches: up to 5 rotary selector switches with 2 to 6 positions. They use a contactless Hall effect technology which guarantees an excellent mechanical resistance to vibrations.
  • Choice of steering column mounting:  Possibility of adapting to most quick releases available on the market: Sadev, SPA Design, Momo…
  • Customisation of the front face: it is possible to laser engrave your logo or an image of your choice on the front plate so that your steering wheel is unique.
  • New generation integrated colour screen 3P or 4P3: ensures exceptional readability whatever the luminosity.
  • Brightness of the colour screen and of the LEDS adjustable by the driver.
  • Many configurable RGB leds
  • Compatible with Dash Editor, our screen designing software
  • FIA crash test certification possible


  • CAN V2.0b. connection: Our steering wheels are compatible with many of the engine calculators available (DTA, Sodemo, Motec, Cosworth, Magneti Marelli, E_Race, Life…)
  • Paddle information: multiplexed or wired
  • Multiplexed push buttons and rotary switches
  • USB for configuration of the dashboard

Thanks to a wide choice of options, standard versions and models can be adapted to your exact needs.