Within its own electronics and software department, XAP has access to all the necessary expertise for the design of embedded electronic equipment and its testing in hostile environments.

Our software and electronics engineers and technicians receive regular training in the latest technologies.  They have access to high performance equipment and tools which are constantly updated.

Our many experiences with large car manufacturers projects reinforce our skills and allow us to innovate constantly.

Field of hardware expertise

  • Automotive multiplexed buses: CAN, LIN, FLEXRAY
  • Graphic screen management RGB and LVDS
  • Data acquisition on Flash or e-MMC memory
  • Microprocessor PIC, XC167, Cortex M4 and A8
  • Power electronics: supercapacitors, electronic fuses, linear actuators control
  • Analog electronics : multiplexed sensors, inertial processing unit, contactless position sensor
  • Engine control BLDC, DC

Field of software expertise

  • Programming C, C++, QT, QML, XML, JAVA, PYTHON, CVI.
  • Real time core: ARTX, MDK-ARM
  • Protocol TCP/IP, CAN Open, NMEA2000
  • Embedded Linux
  • Signal treatment
  • IHM with proprietary description language

Our environments and tools

  • KEIL ARM and C166 toolchains
  • Microsoft Visual C# toolchain
  • Schematics, routing, simulation: Mentor Graphics PADS and ALTIUM designer de Altium.
  • Vibrations bench test, vertical system LDS V640 PA1000

Some examples of product realisation

  • VGA colour display dashboard for light aviation
  • CAN thread recording on USB key
  • MPEG2 video recording
  • Supercapacitors based battery for single-seater
  • Calculator for management of semi-automatic gearbox
  • GPS 20 Hz sensors
  • and many other products (at your disposal to present).


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