For many years, XAP has designed the vehicle system architecture for large scale manufacturers projects.

Our engineers will help you during your selection of the different calculators, actuators and sensors that will equip your vehicle.  They will be there every step of the way during the design and the integration of the electric loom.

Through its multidisciplinary vision, XAP offers the most innovative solutions that will allow you to obtain the best value for money for your vehicle’s electric and electronic systems

Due to our strong motor sport DNA, we constantly have to work with extreme constraints such as very high temperatures, strong vibrations, waterproofing, oil and petrol, safety, etc

Our field of activities in racing includes endurance prototypes, single-seaters, rally cars, all terrain vehicles as well as concept cars.

Our skills equally apply to specific, thermal or electric vehicles.

Our expertise

  • Definition of multi-calculator system architecture
  • Choice of innovative technical solutions: CAN modules, power electronics protections, multiplexed connection, colour displays, recorder…
  • Definition and validation of CAN messaging services
  • Choice of materials and connectors: wire, sheath, automotive or military connectors.
  • Design of customised control boards
  • Design, realisation, production and testing of prototype electric looms and complex series
  • Technical support in the field: circuit, road, desert, engine bench…

Our references

XAP has designed and manufactured the electric loom for the most popular single-seaters and saloons. For these, we have defined the system architecture, produced the electrical drawings and built the prototype looms.

For some, we have also manufactured the series parts.

  • Formule Renault 2.0/2000 (Tatuus/Renault Sport).
  • Formule Renault 1600/2001 (Tatuus/Renault Sport).
  • Formule Campus/2001 (Mygale/ Renault Sport).
  • Formule Renault V6 3 L/2002 (Tatuus/ Renault Sport).
  • Formule Renault 3.5/2004 (Dallara/ Renault Sport).
  • NORMA M20-F 2008 (NAC).
  • GP2_2008 (Dallara/GP2).
  • Touring CUP/2009 (Solution F).
  • GP3_2010 (Dallara/GP3).
  • Formule Renault 2010 (Capparo/ Renault Sport).
  • GP2_2011 (Dallara/GP2).
  • NORMA M20_FC 2011 (NAC).
  • WSR 2012 (Dallara/ Renault Sport).
  • LAMERA 2012 (TTM).
  • Clio 4 CUP 2012 (Renault Sport).
  • Clio 4 R3T 2013 (Renault Sport).
  • RS01 2015 (Dallara/ Renault Sport).