The RTCM electronic distribution systems from XAP are designed to replace the conventional relays and fuses in competition vehicles.

They are made of self-protected transistors and of a new generation microprocessor which manages the various strategies as well as the CAN communication with equipment in the vehicle including the keyboard, the engine calculator, data acquisition, the dashboard…

Advantages of the integration of an RTCM in a vehicle

  • It simplifies the design and the manufacture of electric looms
  • It enables the reduction of the section of wires therefore reducing the weight of the looms
  • It allows for the individual protection of each electrical load
  • Because it is configurable with a PC, it offers flexibility in the electric architecture of the vehicle
  • It is waterproof and can therefore be fitted easily in a vehicle, unlike fuses and relays which must be protected from heat and humidity

Individual output configuration

  • Maximum current thresholds (8)
  • Starting time, used for loads with strong in-rush current (8 times)
  • Status in case of loss of the CAN line: ON or OFF
  • Number of overintensity allowed before power cut
  • Time for reactivation in case of overintensity (8 times)
  • Choice of on switch on the control board
  • With or without memory effect on the control board
  • Status when powered up: ON or OFF

CAN Output

  • The information transmitted on the CAN line allows you to know, for each output, the value of the current as well as the status: ON, OFF, DEFAULT
  • Depending on the models, the RTCM have 2 to 12 0-5V analog inputs transmitted in the CAN line at a frequency of up to 500 Hz.

Battery Management

The RTCM also manages the main relay (300 A maximum) of the general battery cut-off switch and the emergency stop button located outside the vehicle.

Technical specifications

  • High Power outputs programmable between 15 and 50 A (8 thresholds)
  • Low Power outputs programmable between 7.5 and 25 A (8 thresholds)
  • Start-up window programmable between 0.15 and 155 mS (4 thresholds)
  • 2 CAN
  • 1 LIN
  • 1 USB
  • 1 MASTER_OFF input for general battery cut-off switch (only RTCM_CH)
  • 1 MASTER_ON input (only RTCM_CH)
  • 2 to 10 0-5V digital inputs
  • 2 to 10 0-5V analog inputs
  • Solid aluminium casing
  • IP58 waterproof
  • Temperatures range -10°C à + 100°C.


  • Series 451/851 for power inputs/outputs
  • Series AS for electricity supply and analog signals
  • Waterproof USB

Standard references

  • RTCM_CH_1: Main RTCM
  • RTCM_SA_1: Satellite RTCM

RTCMs can be adapted to your needs.  Do not hesitate to contact us for all specific requests.