Configuration and data analysis for the XAP data logging.

E-Link and E-Race software are available at no cost to every user of the XAP data logging systems.

With this software, logged data can be downloaded via USB and visualised on a Windows PC.

These software are made to be accessible to everybody :

  • The mechanic can monitor the oil pressure during the last rally stage.
  • The engine manufacturer can check the camshaft’s position relative to target.
  • The coach can help the young driver to manage his degressive braking.
  • The engineer can set the aerodynamic balance.
  • The drivers can compare their respective lines.

GPS data calculates the precise track location of the vehicle which can also be seen on Google Earth.

Main Functions

  • Analysis screens : x versus time, x versus distance, exact values, histograms, channels report, lap shifting and splitting for each channel, virtual race
  • Maths channels : longitudinal acceleration, slipping factor, lost/gained time
  • Animated screen : the lap can be simulated, with main data displayed on a virtual dashboard
  • Diagnostic screen : displays for each session the diagnostics recorded
  • Lap tools : editing, creating, merging, suppressing tools, beacon shifting. The combination of split times displays the best theorical lap.
  • Map tools : achieved with GPS data
  • Export : Microsoft Excel, full screen printing.