distribution et gestion électrique xap rtcm


Electrical distribution is present in many sectors. It is important to take it into consideration in order to secure and control its electronic systems.

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XAP designs and manufactures its own electronic systems. Thanks to our experience, we have been developing for many years different electrical management and distribution systems for automobile racing, among others, but also for all sectors related to electronics. Our field of intervention is thus multiplied tenfold. With such a system, security and control are guaranteed.

Electronic distribution systems, such as XAP’s RTCM and RTCX, are designed to replace conventional relays and fuses in competition vehicles. They are made up of self-protected transistors and a latest-generation microprocessor, which manages the different strategies and CAN communication with the different vehicle equipment; keypad, engine control unit, data acquisition, dashboard, …

Our range of products in electrical distribution is divided into two sub-categories: circuit breakers and power managers.

These include relays, circuit breakers and battery switches. These are reliable products that have proven their qualities in terms of resistance and performance.

Power managers and RTC (Remote Transistor Control) products complete the range. Power, protection and control managers govern and protect your electronic systems.


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