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 Indicateur de rapport engagé GDU XAP

As announced, XAP Technology presents a new product.

We introduce you to the new GDU Gear Display Unit.

This GDU engaged gear display is a more simplified version than the previous one and updated to be only in CAN. It has a display screen and three colour LEDs to indicate the alarm, RPM shift and pre-shift RPM.

It will improve your cockpit and dashboard, provide additional and more accurate information and data, and increase comfort.

The technical and technological aspect has been worked on and developed for a more accurate and efficient data acquisition and transfer.

It is now possible to control the different LED lights from four different positions (in “logical OR”). We find there:

DLC: 8
Frequency: 100ms
Standard CAN (not extended)
ID 500h, 510h, 520h, 530h and 540h
Definition of Input Identifiers (these can be changed by modifying the firmware)

The GDU Gear Display Unit is an essential product in motor racing. It is very much in demand for all types of racing cars (single-seater, formula, rally, gt,…). It is therefore essential to have a quality one in your cockpit.

To order the XAP Technology GDU Gear Display Unit, it is available on the store: CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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