Here is our ESHIFT 3R in full focus on the rallycross car Projekt E. A collaboration between IMG and STARD gave life to this car destined to compete in the World Championship Rallycross of 2020. However, the Projekt E will have a special feature, the electric one.

projekt E car eshift 3r xap

With this new technology integrated into the Projekt E, this rallycross promises dazzling starts and impressive torque levels.

The car is based on a Ford Fiesta STARD chassis with the REVolution powertrain, offering 613 hp (450 kW) and above all an almost instantaneous torque of 1100 Nm.

The current cars lined up in the Supercars category can be converted with the kit provided for this purpose.


XAP is proud to contribute to this “projekt”. Indeed, XAP’s on-board systems work perfectly for electric vehicles as much on asphalt as on rally and rallycross.

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projekt E car eshift 3r xap