XAP designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality products. Among them, XAP has developed an exceptional and unequalled know-how in terms of design and manufacture of electrical harnesses, electrical harnesses for motor racing and the motorsport world in general.

As a result, our harnesses are able to withstand extreme conditions, achieve exceptional performance and provide real added value.

In which areas are our electrical harnesses used?

Our electrical harnesses are mainly used in the world of motor racing and racing cars (single-seater, formula, rally, rally, gt, prototype, concept car,…) in many well-known competitions such as Formula 1, Formula E, Formula 2, rallies, GT competitions, etc. Our harnesses are also used on motorcycles and motorcycle vehicles (for the DAKAR for example).

What types of electrical harnesses are we able to produce?

Our specialists are able to produce and produce a multitude of electrical harnesses that relate to all aspects of motor racing, cars, motorcycles, boats,… .. :

Cockpit harness: steering wheel and instrumented steering wheel, dashboard (DASH), switch panel, acquisition module (CAN),…
Beam for engine and transmission: gearbox actuator (actuator), engine control unit
Electrical distribution harness: circuit breaker, power management (RTCM and RTCX)
Beam for autonomous air conditioning: autonomous air conditioning and RacingCool cooling vest
Simulator harness: steering wheel and instrumented steering wheel, dashboard (DASH), switch panel,
Sensor harness: pressure sensor, temperature sensor,…
Bundle for software and PC tools: connection bundle, recharge bundle, start bundle,

All electrical harnesses are designed, designed, manufactured, assembled and tested by XAP.

Our references

XAP has designed and industrialized the electrical harnesses for the most popular single-seater and sedan cars.

For these, we defined the system architecture, made the electrical plans and manufactured the prototype harnesses, and for some, industrialized the series parts.

Formula Renault 2.0/2000 (Tatuus/Renault Sport).
Formula Renault 1600/2001 (Tatuus/Renault Sport).
Campus/2001 formula (Mygale/ Renault Sport).
Formula Renault V6 3 L/2002 (Tatuus/ Renault Sport).
Formula Renault 3.5/2004 (Dallara/ Renault Sport).
STANDARD M20-E 2008 (NAC).
GP2_2008 (Dallara/GP2).
Touring CUP/2009 (Solution F).
GP3_2010 (Dallara/GP3).
Formula Renault 2010 (Capparo/ Renault Sport).
GP2_2011 (Dallara/GP2).
NORMA M20_FC 2011 (NAC).
WSR 2012 (Dallara/ Renault Sport).
LAMERA 2012 (TTM).
Clio 4 CUP 2012 (Renault Sport).
Clio 4 R3T 2013 (Renault Sport).
RS01 2015 (Dallara/ Renault Sport).
And many others…