dash editor tableau de bord embarqué xap technology

DASH EDITOR tableau de bord embarqué XAP Technology

XAP Technology would like to keep you informed of its technical, technological and digital advances. This is why I wanted to present here the improvements we have made to our embedded software in our dashboards, in our Dashboards (the famous DASH NT, DASH NT5, DASH NT7,…).

This embedded software, which is configuration, control, command, safety and display software called DASH EDITOR, is becoming more and more powerful and impressive in its capabilities.

Some of the points we have addressed, especially our engineers and specialists:

creation of mathematical channels, for greater simplification and freedom of use
Dongle protection, more security and data protection
display of images and icons in alert banners, improved display and possible personal configuration (applies to universal languages)
improved CAN gateway

In short, greater freedom of use and configuration for a more immersive and high quality experience.

Our embedded software is more than just a companion, it is the very essence of our powerful and versatile dashboards.

XAP has within its electronic and software design office, all the skills, for the design and testing of embedded electronic equipment in hostile environments and extreme conditions. Every day, we must seek solutions for improvement.

Our many experiences with major construction projects strengthen our skills and allow us to constantly innovate.

For more information on our embedded electronics systems: https://www.xap.fr/product/systemes-electroniques-embarques/

To ORDER a DASH NT Dashboard including our high-performance DASH EDITOR software: https://store.xap.fr/fr/23-tableaux-de-bord

Additional information!

Stay tuned, very big new products are coming soon!

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