XAP is a company that aims to be dynamic, innovative and always looking for new ideas. We like to surpass ourselves and develop new projects, to venture into new lands.

We are already working on electronic, computer and electromagnetic products, among others, so why not develop autonomous cooling systems.

They would consist in cooling and air-conditioning a space or an individual in certain circumstances. For example, a racing driver in a single-seater, a place where the temperature sometimes rises to 50 – 60 ° Celsius.

XAP Technology has been developing and designing autonomous cooling systems called COOLING SYSTEM V1 for several years now.
We have already worked in various sectors of activity, such as the world of motor racing and motorsport.

In addition, the pilots who had the opportunity to use these independent cooling systems felt a real comfort.
The COOLING SYSTEM V1 is intended to be a high quality product, just like XAP. It has been subjected to extensive quality control.

For information, the RACING COOL vests used with the air conditioning system have been approved by the FIA, the International Automobile Federation.

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