The birth of a steering wheel [Part 1]

Over the next few weeks, you will discover the birth of our steering wheel, the FOV4, from the exquisite first to the final adjustments. Notably present from this weekend in Italy on the occasion [...]

Opening of the 2022 season in F2 & F3

This weekend we were in Bahrain . for the opening of the 2022 season in F2 and fiaf3 where our engineers took care of the electronic system management. And there was a great show at the Bahrain [...]


🏎 Discover our realistic & customizable SIM6V racing simulator, it is designed for pros and semi-pro, find the same sensations in competition. F2, F3, Formula E, GT4 France, Europe, [...]


🔧XAP Technology presents the latest rotary actuator: the E-Shift3-R! An electric actuator that can control most sequential gearboxes, easy to install, low power consumption.🔋