GCK Motorsport

#XAP Technology is proud to be part of this new challenge with our Steeringwheel and our New gearbox actuator #Eshift3R please have a look how it works LA VIDEO


XAP TECHNOLOGY WORLD LEADER IN ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATORS FOR SEQUENTIAL GEARBOXES CLICK HERE AND SHOP XAP Technology, once again, redefines the future of gearshift system. After the linear [...]

RS.01: the press is talking about it

The RS.01 is being tested in Auto-Hebdo. Renault Sport’s new sports car is equipped with the latest XAP RTCM electrical protection products, as well as the all-carbon steering wheel and [...]

GreenGT H2 in Auto-Hebdo

The GreenGT H2, an innovative fuel cell electric prototype, is being tested in Auto-Hebdo. It uses an XAP steering wheel, but also an EETCU to manage its propulsion.

RS01 Interceptor

Jean Ragnotti joins forces with the police to demonstrate the full potential of the RS01. See the video here

XAP: Product range 2019

XAP publishes its 2019 catalogue for the competition including actuator, dashboards, steering wheels, power management, harnesses, sensors, air conditioning, engine control, etc. See the video here

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