NT-Logger data acquisition

The NT-Logger is a powerful data acquisition and digital collection tool for use at all levels of competition. This module combines a number of functionalities and allows you to collect and [...]

DASH kit NTX/NT5/NT7 + looms

Don’t waste any more time, just choose the one that’s right for you. We have decided to present you packages including the dashboards with the harnesses. All our DASH models are [...]

ESHIFT 3R in Projekt E – Rallycross

Here is our ESHIFT 3R in full focus on the rallycross car Projekt E. A collaboration between IMG and STARD gave life to this car destined to compete in the World Championship Rallycross of 2020. [...]

Dashboards – universal dash editor

XAP develops and improves its software and electronic interface for its dashboards and embedded and stand-alone displays. Generally used for Motorsport, we integrate them on boats as a screen and [...]


DASH NT 7 IN YOUR DASHBOARD The new wide sized Dash NT 7 by XAP is based on the ultimate XAP platform. With the lastest communication protocol, our dashboard can communicate with any unit running [...]

Cooling system V1 – Racing cool

XAP is a company that aims to be dynamic, innovative and always looking for new ideas. We like to surpass ourselves and develop new projects, to venture into new lands. We are already working on [...]

DASH NTX dashboard

XAP is pleased to present its latest technology jewelry, the DASH NTX Dashboard. The new NTX Dashboard is a powerful and comprehensive digital dashboard for use at all levels of motor racing and [...]

XAP sensor card

TO ORDER A SENSOR CARD: https://store.xap.fr/fr/22/22467-carte-capteur-xap.html What is this new electronic system? Has XAP been working on a new project lately? How many more new products will [...]

Switch Panel SP15 & SP20

XAP is pleased to introduce its two new Switch Plates SP15 and SP20 (model 110). TO ORDER A SWITCH PLATE SP15 or SP20 – 110 : CLICK HERE AVAILABLE FROM 450€ ! XAP is pleased to present its [...]

RTCX-120 Power box management module

XAP Technology introduces the new generation of Remote Transistor Control, as we more commonly call it, the RTC range. In this case, we are pleased to offer you today our brand new product, the [...]

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